You can apply online for a UK visa :

I’m Mrs Kendy By Name , i’m Gonna give You Tips On Getting A Successful Uk Visa Today- to visit, work, study or join a family member or partner in the UK
certificate of entitlement to prove your right of abode in the UK
You must be outside the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

Before you apply For This Uk Visa Make Sure To be Eligible
First check what kind of visa to apply for and what documents you’ll need.

Also check if you need to get a tuberculosis (TB) test.

When you apply online you need to:

fill in the application form in English
pay the visa fee online (in most cases)
book an appointment at a visa application centre
You can save your application form and finish it later.

Once you’ve applied and booked your appointment, print out the document checklist form (print the front page of your completed form if it does not have a checklist). You must sign this at your appointment.

What service you use depends on the visa you’re applying for.

Apply for a visit or transit visa
Apply for a visit or transit visa, for example if you’re coming to the UK to:

visit family or friends
get married or form a civil partnership
visit for business or academic research
pass through in transit to another country
get private medical treatment
Apply for a work visa
Apply to work in the UK:

Apply for a visit or transit visa

visit for tourism

when you’ve been sponsored by an employer (Tier 2)
as a temporary worker (Tier 5) including the Youth Mobility Scheme
as a domestic worker in a private household
There is a different service if you need to apply as a dependant.

Apply for a study visa
Apply for a visa to study in the UK including short term study and Tier 4 visas.

There is a different service if you need to apply as a dependant.

Apply for all other visas
Apply using the Visa4UK service for all other visas, including if you’re applying:

To set up or run a business in the UK

To prove you’re allowed to live or work in the UK without any immigration restrictions (called ‘right of abode’)

To live with a family member already in the UK
To visit your child at an independent fee-paying day school
for a UK ancestry visa
for an official visit or for diplomatic business
for a visa to prove you’re exempt from immigration control

Getting Your Visa To United Kingdom Is A Dream Come True…

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